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A gentle combination of free and soft positioning makes the pillow so incomparable! Relieving pressure on stressed parts of the body is a boon for every user! We have the versatile application possibilities for you summarized in the film. Feel free to download it. (German language)



Nominierung Altenpflege 2015

Decubitus is a localized death of the skin and sometimes of the underlying tissue, which is caused by pressure or friction. It is also known colloquially as bedsores, as bedsores occur mainly in people who have to lie in bed for a long time or have to sit in a wheelchair Presses on exposed parts of the body that have little or no muscle coating.

It is also important to avoid the pressure of superimposed limbs on the lower limb, especially on the legs and especially during sleep, in order to prevent pressure points.
TRIBUS® CUSHIONS are also preferred for existing pressure ulcers. In many cases, post-operative applications of our products are the solution to storage problems. The great advantages and advantages of the TRIBUS® cushion are the wide range of possible applications. The outdoor and soft storage options can be combined or operated individually, depending on the individual use of the pillow.
The advantages of the TRIBUS® CUSHIONS (DBP) can be found in the selected, user-friendly materials that speak for themselves: The cushion cover of the TRIBUS® pillows from the "classic" series is made of robust and hard-wearing 100% cotton fibers that comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 correspond. The material is of course machine washable up to 95 ° C and of course also suitable for tumble drying. The cushion cover of the TRIBUS® pillows of the "professional" series consists of a polyester fabric with a polyurethane membrane that is breathable. These products are also machine washable up to 95 ° C and suitable for tumble drying. In addition, these TRIBUS CUSHIONS also meet the requirements for clinical use: They are designed for alcohol-based wipe disinfection, are flame-retardant and low in emissions when burned. We also recommend these products at home for continence problems and open wounds.

Inside all TRIBUS® - CUSHIONS, a premium filling made of a high-volume ball fiber ensures that bacteria have no chance, because this filling is also machine washable up to 95 ° C and also suitable for tumble drying. This is the guarantee for a long service life of the TRIBUS® cushions even with frequent washing processes!


Here we would like to offer you two application variants of our TRIBUS® - CUSHIONS for the prone position of ventilated patients in the Show intensive care, whereby it should be mentioned that other arrangements of the storage material are often used.

This is our special cushion model 100 P for prone positioning. It is intended to accommodate the body. It has the dimensions of 100 cm x 60 cm, is reinforced in the middle and quilted.
Our example on the left:

shows a set for a ventilation bed, consisting of a head positioning using a cushion model 80 P and a cushion model 90 PTK, plus the cushion model 100 P for the body, as well as two cushions model 80 P for the lower extremities and for exposing the toes two additional cushions, model 50 P. We recommend the following order for the arrangement:

1) place the model 100 P on the bed to support the store of the body by rolling it up, then

2) place the model 90 PTK under the head, then

3) place the two pillows model 80 P under the legs with the knees exposed and finally

4) the two pillows model 50 P with a part underneath the lower end of the leg support and the free end over the leg support pillow kink. Put the foot in here by exposing the toes.

Our example on the right:

represents a modification in obesity: Step no. 1 of the structure includes 2 pillows model 100 P for the body, whereby the two pillows are bent on their long sides, the bulge of the upper pillow comes to lie under the thorax and the bulge of the lower one Pillow is placed under the pelvis. The recesses on both cushions point outwards. A free space is left between these cushions in which the abdomen can be freely positioned. The recess in the upper cushion enables a tracheotomy, the recess in the lower cushion provides access to the groin and catheter connections when the genitals are exposed. The further steps are carried out analogously to the example on the left



For further information to our products and their advantages feel free to contact us:


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